Tourist Tilburg: Pantry Dutch Traditions

Tilburg can be called a typical provincial city of the Netherlands. The spirit of provinciality is literally everything is saturated in this city. Low buildings, quiet squares and streets, a small amount of vehicles create a unique atmosphere of silence, peace and coziness.

Tilburg Middle in Dutch standards inhabited, the population of which does not exceed two hundred thousand people. Car in the city is a bit, it is connected with the fact that some roads are not intended and not adapted to drive four-wheeled vehicles.

The history of Tilburg can hardly be called prolonged and rich significant events. Nevertheless, the first mention of this city dates back to 790 a year. The further fate of Tilburg is unknown, after that a little mention, he falls from the chronicles for many years.

The construction of the Tilburg Tower in the XV century, became an event who returned interest in this settlement. In those days, Tilburg was an association of small settlements, whose residents were engaged in sheep. This craft will become the main source of income for the population of Tilburg, which received the status of the city only in 1809.

In the middle of the XVIII century, most farmers had weaving machines. These were primitive mechanisms that occupied a lot of space in small houses of residents of Tilburg. The demand for wool and the development of this craft led to the fact that at the beginning of the XIX century in Tilburg was built the first spinning factory, and by the middle of the same century, the number of factories increased to 145.

Since then, Tilburg is proud to carry the title of the woolen capital of the Netherlands. This state of the thing continued until the 60s of the XX century. The World War II has not affected the quantity and quality of textiles produced in the city.

However, the crisis that arose due to the oversaturation of the market did something that war could not. The happening of the price of prices buried many small businesses engaged in weaving craft. Only the largest survival were able to survive.

The current Tilburg is no longer wearing the title of the woolen empire of Holland. Today, he represents the university city, 20% of the population of which are students from around the world. Many of them, having the opportunity to study in England or France, prefer Tilburg University. Such a choice is explained by the fact that in the Netherlands a very high level of education, and the price of learning is quite moderate. Looking for wife from Ukraine? Best Ukrainian women for dating on chat. Find your ukrainian love here!

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