Perhaps you are ideal for the position, but the HR manager may not understand this and send your resume to the basket. Even in the high tech age of online communications, a well-written resume is the foundation of a successful job search.

Recruiters are not enemies to job seekers. It is impossible to please everyone – no one has yet succeeded, but making a resume easy to read is not a difficult task.

Below you will find a list of the most common mistakes in resume writing and recommendations for correcting them, in our opinion.

It is common knowledge that spelling and grammatical errors cause incredibly negative reactions from recruiters. Such “blunders” in the resume is practically a guarantee that it will not be considered for a long time. But are there any other incredibly annoying things? We invite you to view the top errors. Fix them yourself without the help of a resume fixing service.

Top mistakes in a resume

  • Mistake №1

Spelling and stylistic errors. Recruiters have an extremely negative attitude towards blunders of this nature since grammatical errors characterize the applicant as a negligent and unprofessional. Personnel officers believe that one cannot trust essential tasks to a person who cannot or does not want to control elementary literacy.

  • Mistake №2

Violation of the “2 pages rule”. Formulate info shortly, but at the same time capaciously. Don’t overload the document with complex sentences that detail everything you did. Use lists, separate one section from the other. Remember that a resume that spans more pages will not be read to the end.

  • Mistake №3

Blurred definition of aim. When completing this section of your resume, try to articulate the purpose of your job search clearly. It should not raise additional questions from a potential employer. Avoid phrases like “I’m looking for an interesting job with a good salary,” as they do not convey valuable information. Most likely, such words make the recruiter guess and significantly reduce your chances of getting the desired position.

  • Mistake №4

Lack of professional achievements. The HR manager wants to see a list of data that meets the stated job requirements that can be used to benefit his company. Therefore, avoid mindlessly copying the duties listed in the job description. Instead, tell us about your achievements, about your progress in the professional field. You can talk about the benefits that your job brought to the previous employer if you want to. Provide compelling arguments that will make your resume stand out from your competitors’ stream of similar documents.

  • Mistake №5

Inaccuracies in chronology. Recruiters have a negative attitude towards missing or out-of-chronological dates. In their opinion, confusion can be caused by both the applicant’s carelessness and gaps in his career. In any case, such inaccuracies take the HR officer’s time and distract his attention from studying your professional qualities.

  • Mistake №6

Template resume. Similar resumes for several vacancies must be sent to each company separately and at the same time make adjustments to each variant. If a recruiter sees a list of a standard set of professional qualities or his/her email, among other addresses, he/she will conclude that you are not interested in the work.

  • Mistake №7

The information that is not related to the job for which you are applying. Include information about your education, work experience, or hobbies in your resume that would make you a valuable person. Do not distract the recruiter’s attention by listing data that is not practical. This will show your inability to focus on key points.

  • Mistake №8

Creative resume design. Do not forget that a resume is a serious document with a clear structure and some design requirements. Therefore, do not try to decorate it with thematic pictures and graphic images. Don’t use highlighting with color. Make sure your resume is in the same style, 10-12 Arial or Times New Roman, which are correctly recognized by different software versions.

  • Mistake №9

Errors in contact information. Before submitting your resume, double-check the contact information you provided. Do you forget to write your phone number? Do you enter the email address you are using and spell it correctly? After all, a mistake in just one symbol can lead to fatal consequences for you.

These are the most common mistakes in resume writing. You can fix them yourself or use the resume fixing services.


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