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Any more or less serious development team can envy the invention of German game developers URL. What only their fantasies were not realized by the developers from Germany. Sixteen Tons Entertainment has always stood out for its special creative flight . She has a couple of thrash projects on her account - Gotcha! and Gold Strategy Games , as well as more or less, um, a decent series of virtual products telling about the hard life of members of the rescue teams: Emergency . Having released as many as four parts of the "EMERCOM simulator", the developers are seriously thinking about their own future. Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life Salesit was extremely difficult to call other than failures; the studio members faced a serious question about the need for change. After some brainstorming, the concept of a new intellectual property was born. As original and delusional at the same time, as all Sixteen Tons Entertainment creations.

The Show (" The Show: To win is to survive " through the efforts of Game Factory Interactive and " Russobit-M") Is nothing more than a real-time strategy. The strategy is the most common and ordinary. But with a curious plot and concept. So, imagine. Near future, North America. The bearers of democracy suffered the worst fate that could be imagined. Inside the country, on the sultry Californian lands, a completely totalitarian state was formed. At the head of the self-proclaimed republic was a certain Lou Baxter - a true tyrant and a lover of sophisticated entertainment. Through the efforts of the president-for-life, the new power developed its power to such an extent that it began to instill fear and horror not only in the neighboring states, but the entire United States as a whole. The most severe censorship, army of many thousands of prisoners, daily replenished with new opponents of the regime, a huge army - why not the notorious Empire of the Soviets? However, the leadership of the "dwarf" state was aware of the need to appease the masses. For this purpose, a bloody TV show of the same name was organized. The meaning of the transfer was as follows. Every month the organizers selected a team of fighters from the jailers who had passed the preliminary "competition". Further, the gladiators of the future landed on a giant floating platform in the ocean, playing the role of an arena for battles. Moreover, with the benefits of scientific and technological progress, the organizers could change the scenery in the broadest range. On the other side of the barricades were government troops equipped with the latest technology. Thus, any prisoner could find freedom - it was enough to defeat the internal troops. Another thing is that from month to month no one succeeded.
Meanwhile, US officials did not sit idly by. The upstart Baxter has already gotten tired of the ruling elite. On a mission to eliminate it, a seasoned agent, Frank Harris, is sent inside the rebellious republic. True, it is almost impossible to kill the leader directly. So the initial goal of the spy is to blow up the nuclear reactor of the floating station and thereby deprive the enemy of the patriotic transmission. No sooner said than done. Frank gets to the bunk, from where, having passed the selection, he finds himself in a new team of freedom fighters. It looks like this time fans of statistics will have to see completely different numbers.

Further plot twists and turns - pure water a simple set of cliches. Here you will find friends-companions dying in turn, and a blonde assistant doctor and the main villain in classic black glasses. In a word - nothing out of the ordinary, of course, with the exception of an amusing plot.

Each mission begins with a specific set of actions, namely, rebuilding the base. This occupation, to put it mildly, is not very exciting. Especially considering the fact that the enemy does not have to build anything. The army is equipped with everything necessary in advance.

The idea of ​​a battle for resources (by the way, there are only two types: energy and money) is shamelessly borrowed from Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War . In The Showall key points that bring precious industrial units are connected by underground tunnels. Capturing the sources of the virtual good occurs strictly in order. The player can only get his hands on points in the neighborhood. Well, at least through underground communications, the developers allow you to transfer armed detachments with lightning speed. Otherwise, endless winding around the map in order to protect resource storehouses would turn into real flour.

The condition for victory is extremely simple - to destroy the enemy commander in chief. Another thing is that sending a Sonder Commander to the next world is not so easy. The reason for this is a completely stupid algorithm for passing missions. Throughout the entire time, the ataman of the enemy sits out behind the strong walls of the main base. By the will of Sixteen Tons Entertainment, you can't put together a solid army and just head to the central citadel. First you need to destroy all the secondary defensive points of the adversaries. It is also not allowed to take and take them from the ground. Each checkpoint is fenced with a protective screen, which must first be turned off. How? It's very simple. It is necessary to find a secret laboratory, eliminate security and turn off a powerful defense system with your own hands. Agree, it sounds a little attractive. In reality, things are even worse. Following from one end of the map to the other takes a lot of time. This is probably why the developers have carefully placed a timer in the corner of the screen that evenly counts the time spent on completing the level. And this happens from task to task. Add to this the presence on the ground of wild animals, robots and other heresies that are neutral to the enemy and aggressive towards the gamer, and you get the perfect formula for how to kill interest in the gameplay.

Fortunately, all this disgrace looks quite modern. Of course, with the maximum zoom, the game loses its polish, but from a bird's eye view it looks decent. High-quality textures, good detail - the project's engine works wonderfully well. Only the creators of the CG videos were pumped up, and The Show is in complete order with the video sequence.

Three sides take part in the battles, conventionally divided into "Vikings", "Aztecs" and "bandits". The differences between the "races" are minimal. In most cases, the units are completely different only in appearance. The set of fighters is standard - from simple infantrymen to destructive robots.

In addition to the mournful single player campaign, game makers offer to try their hand at multiplayer and skirmish modes. The multiplayer features a dozen cards with a limit of four people. If there are not enough participants, a computer replaces them. Everything is like everyone else. The second fun is much more interesting. In the "battle" mode, not two, but three opponents sort things out. Moreover, the initial conditions for each faction are the same and they are located at an equidistant distance from each other, at the corners of the map. This is where The Show transforms for the better. First of all, thanks to smart artificial intelligence. When the player is freed from the narrow limits of passing single missions, the fun begins. Various tactical schemes and cunning moves are used. Thanks to AI - the silicon dummy commands only respect.

The Show is a typical representative of the RTS genre. Moderately cute, moderately stupid average. However, compared to the previous creations of Sixteen Tons Entertainment, the project looks extremely advantageous. Developers can congratulate themselves on their significant professional growth. The only pity is that the game is unable to compete with the large-caliber inhabitants of the real-time strategy niche, be it the same Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War , Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars or Supreme Commander . Too different weight classes.

Pros: nice graphics, original plot.
Cons: sluggish and overly slow gameplay, lack of fresh ideas, sticking out "budget".


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