10 tips on how to write the perfect resume to get your dream aviation job

Read the job ad carefully.

Sounds like a simple and obvious thing to do. However, employers receive many resumes from people who do not meet the requirements of the job offered.

Adapt your resume to the needs of the specific firm

Highlight the specific skills mentioned in the job description. A helpful tip is to do a little research about the company you are applying to, and use some keywords on your resume that will match what the company is looking for.

Write the truth

There is a good saying, ""lies have short legs."" It doesn't take employers long to find out about the lies on your pilot resume, especially since many employers conduct various background checks. In addition, you may inadvertently give away your own lies during an interview. This will negatively impact your future employability.

Update your CV regularly

Even if you're not currently looking for work, it doesn't mean you should forget about your CV. A CV is a list of your work experience, skills, and the qualities you have and the values you can bring to the company.

Structure the information in your CV carefully

There is no one right and template CV! It is better to give most and main attention to your experience and to describe your personality and other information below.

Don't make a CV longer than 2 pages

Start with a short introduction, summarize your skills and qualities, and highlight your most recent positions. Avoid long paragraphs and complicated sentences.

Make it professional

Your resume should ""burn"" with aviation. Think of all the fun, hobbies that have anything to do with this profession. Even if you play soccer in your leisure time, this should also be specified. The employer will definitely pay attention to the fact that you are a team player.

Format your resume

A better resume is good and neat. Make it easy to read, don't forget spaces, paragraphs and numbered sentences. Don't try to put too much text on one page, don't use a size 8 font.

Tweak your resume and cover letter

It is very important not to leave any spelling errors. If you are unsure, ask someone to read it.

Send it in the right format

Don't try to guess what format the employer wants. Read the ad again and be sure to send it in the correct format.

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