Why What Your Body Is Feeling Could Be a Word of Knowledge

October 25, 2019

We can experience discernment from the spiritual realm through physical body manifestations. Our body can react positively as a sign from the Lord. It can react to a word that is being spoken to us as an affirmation that the word is from the Lord.

Physical body manifestations help us to build on our knowledge and experience while our discernment is growing. How can our body react to discernment from the Lord? Think about how you react when someone throws something at you unexpectedly. You react by moving out of the way. Your body reacts to an emotional reaction of fear or concern that the object would hit you. What about the times you “sense” fear or danger, the times you feel something within you rise up or react to that emotion or circumstance? You sense the fear or danger, and your body reacts by counter attacking the emotional response. Your body starts secreting adrenaline, and it increases your heart rate, muscle tension, respiration and blood pressure. This is a physical reaction to an emotional situation. If our natural body can react to an emotional situation, why can’t our natural body react to a spiritual situation?

Our body does react because we are a three-part being with the emotional, physical and spiritual all connected. We have had physical manifestations in the natural by life’s circumstances.

Daniel felt physical manifestations of the Spirit in Daniel 10 when he had an angelic visitation. It says, “And behold, a hand touched me and set me to trembling on my hands and knees” (Dan. 10:10). He also retained no strength as his physical body was being impacted by the encounter.

There are different physical ways we can feel the Lord or an affirmative word from Him. As you become open to the Spirit of the Lord and the manifestations that can come upon us, you can begin to experience manifestations of the Spirit.

When you are ministering to someone, you can experience pain or tingling in your body where they are experiencing pain in their body. This is a physical manifestation from the Lord, and you need to ask them, “Do you have pain right now in this part of your body?” If they answer, “Yes,” discern if it is a word of knowledge for a spirit of infirmity and pray over it. Ask them if the pain has left and pay attention to see if the pain has left your body. Keep praying until the pain has left both your bodies.

As you become open to the manifestations of the Spirit, pay attention to what you feel while you are ministering or talking to someone. The very thing you are feeling could very well be discernment from the Lord on how to pray for them. We were in worship in one of our meetings, and as I walked by a lady, I felt pain shoot throughout my entire body. I stopped and asked her, “Are you experiencing physical pain right now?” She answered, “Yes.” We prayed healing over her and received the discernment that arthritis was throughout her body. She was healed and could go on praising without being distracted and in pain.

The first time we get a new and unusual discernment, there may be some hesitation. We may even miss it the first time and not act on what we hear for lack of confidence, fear of man, pride, fear of being wrong, what people will think, fear of failure or fear of what the outcome will be. If we don’t do what we were instructed to, God may send another person to do it. When we see that God called someone else to do it, we then condemn ourselves that we didn’t do it.

One act of obedience or disobedience can affect another person’s life and your own. You don’t want to be responsible for someone missing out on their blessing because you were hesitant to try. Repent of what you didn’t do, pick yourself up, brush off the guilt and regret and ask God to allow you to step up and try it again. Release what He has given you: a word of knowledge that leads to healing prayer!

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