What does repentance look like and are we going deep enough?

August 27, 2021

We are in the 30 days of Elul according to the Jewish calendar. It is a time of prayer, fasting and most importantly, repentance. What does repentance look like and are we going deep enough to have heartfelt lasting repentance?

I believe I’m sorry can be loosely thrown around words with little or no meaning. We apologize because it is the right thing to do, but is it heartfelt.

When we repent before the Lord, what does that look like? We need to examine ourselves and see if we are repenting as a get out of jail free card or are we truly remorseful. We discover this answer when we partner with the Holy Spirit. He can and does lead us to and through repentance. As we allow Him to lead and guide us, we will know how, when and how much to repent.

While we need to repent, we also need a fine line of not getting caught up in condemnation and judgment. I once knew a ministry leader that was consistently having their congregation repent. It was never good enough. After ministering to the person individually, I discovered they always had to repent to their Father. Their wounds with their Father had gone out into and over the congregation. They were taking their childhood wounds of not repenting enough into their ministry. Still, she taught the practice of searching your heart and making sure you are repenting deeply.

As Christians, it is our responsibility to invite the Holy Spirit into our prayer and fasting time to lead us to and through repentance. Repenting breaks off bondages and closes demonic doorways and portals. It leaves no room for the enemy to torment us or steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).

We are in a time and season of great deliverance and deliverance begins with repenting, turning around and moving forward. Seek the Holy Spirit and ask Him what and how you need to repent so you can begin to receive the greatest breakthrough of all time!

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