The Ministry of Deliverance Is Here As We Approach Prophetic Times

July 19, 2021

The ministry of deliverance must come forth! I was on a tv interview yesterday and the host said that the church must stop closing the doors to people like me who have a message to be shared and I thought, YES, YES, YES! The church has ignored the ministry of deliverance for long enough, but God is not ignoring it. He is bringing it to the forefront despite opposition. My hand has been hot all week with the fire of God. It may not make sense to some of you, but God uses His fire and manifestations in our body to speak to us. I haven’t even done anything specific except fast for the interview this week and the anointing for deliverance through the fire of God keeps manifesting on me physically. I know the Spirit of the Lord is trying to speak something!

I feel a shift and change in the spiritual atmosphere. It is one of freedom and liberation. I still keep hearing liberty bells ringing. I have been hearing them since before the 4th of July. God’s people have been held captive for too long. It is time for you to do something about your situation and heaven is open on your behalf. Yes, this is the time for deliverance, a time and season for deliverance. Even the seasoned Christians who have been seeking so long with no effectual results will experience lasting deliverance.

There is an anointing for deliverance that has come forth from heaven. I have been feeling the physical fire of God manifest all week. It has been specific to deliverance. There is a common theme going across social media and the deliverance ministers are releasing. Jesus is setting the captives free.

There is always an anointing for deliverance as we know the Father desires His children to be delivered and Jesus died to set the captives free. However, there are additional times when a specific ministry gets ramped up and we see more of something than before. As we approach and enter into prophetic times, the ministry of deliverance must come forth.

The prophets are releasing the predictions of revival and the greatest outpouring. But, we need the ministry of deliverance to come forth into God’s people so that they can release that outpouring and revival. How can God’s people be part of the greatest move of God if they are bound and broken? I believe the ministry of deliverance is one of the end-time ministries that must come to the forefront of the church. I believe this is beginning to happen as we witness social media and conferences speaking on deliverance.

We must partner with the Holy Spirit in our own lives and seek our deliverance with all diligence. Now is the time to be disciplined and press through to our breakthrough. So often we begin the deliverance process and then get sidetracked with busyness or distracted by another task. Now is the time. There is no time like the present. When there is a shift in the spiritual atmosphere and the heavens are open for this particular thing, it is easier to achieve. Where you have been discouraged before, set that aside. Believe that this is the time and season for your breakthrough.

Jesus came to set at liberty those who were oppressed (Isaiah 61). You can be set free. Your mind-ailment, strongholds and mental instabilities must go. Demonic oppression has to leave. Jesus has given you authority over these things. I see a shift, a spiritual shift, a turnaround and a change. Will you be part of the shift and receive the deliverance the Lord has orchestrated for you?

Kathy’s online echurch offers spiritual warfare and deliverance teaching, along with praying for people during the service to receive the ministry of deliverance. Every Sunday night at 6pm EST we allow the Holy Spirit to move prophetically to release your breakthrough! Click here to receive the zoom link!

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