Special Prophetic Word: You Are Not Defeated

January 10, 2020

Release your history and walk in your prophetic destiny.
Receive deliverance and impartation in this special prophetic release on how you are not defeated!


Prophetic Prayer Declaration Against Defeat

Pray this out audibly:

I prophesy and proclaim that defeat is not my portion. Spirit of defeat, depression and unworthiness, I command you to leave me now, in Jesus name.

Spirits operating against me, be abolished of your assignment now, in Jesus name.

Every evil spirit attempting to deactivate my destiny, I command you to be utterly destroyed, in Jesus name.

Every accident, injury or trauma planned on my behalf, I cancel your deployment and activation, in Jesus name.

I abort every demonic mission with my name assigned to it.

I eradicate every spirit of offense against me to cause destruction through the power of another person’s words.

Demonic entanglements be eradicated and rescinded of your assignments to thwart my destiny and kingdom assignment.

Every demonic assignment operating against my prophetic words and God-given assignments, stop, and cease to activate, in Jesus name.

Mishaps, distractions and delays in the demonic realm assigned to deploy on my behalf, be still now, in Jesus name.

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