Prophetic people are often rejected by people but accepted by God. In this episode, Kathy teaches you how to never feel rejected again by routing out your past rejection and giving you concrete applications to handle your emotions. Don’t allow rejecting thoughts into your mind today.


1.  Rejection is a lying demonic spirit.

2.  Rejection is a false scenario or vain imagination.

3.  Rejection is a self-perception of reality.

Pivotal Point:

·  No one can reject you because God accepts you.

·  Fear God, more than man.

·   Your identity is in Christ, in the inheritance you have in the Kingdom of God.

Work Through It:

·  Spend more time in the presence of God and allow Him to work through and expose your strongholds.

·  Remove people-pleasing tendencies from your life.

·  Rise up and take your authority by holding every thought captive and dismissing it.

Healing Process:

1.   Repent of any actions or behaviors that you participated in to form a stronghold.

2.   Forgive anyone associated with any of your strongholds that contributed to hurt or abuse.

3.   Cast out the spirits associated with the stronghold.

4.   Pray for an impartation for the opposite of what you cast out.

5.   Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing with Him and God’s love.

See Kathy’s book Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan for deliverance from word curses, generation curses, pride, unforgiveness, rebellion, lust, and several other topics.

Write a prophetic declaration opposite of the rejection you experience.

Holy Spirit assistance: Spend time asking the Holy Spirit to reveal and release pockets of rejection.

Book reference: Joyce Meyer’s book Approval Addiction is a wonderful resource to assist you to further freedom.

YOUTUBE teaching: Follow Kathy’s YouTube channel where she has teachings on how to receive deliverance from rejection.

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