We’ve all heard people say, “I rebuke you, Devil” or “I rebuked the enemy.” But, are we following those words up with an action we want the enemy to take as Jesus did? Listen as Kathy shares from Mark 4 to learn when Jesus rebuked He followed up with a command. Understand what are the challenges are in prayer and when you take authority and rebuke, you follow with a command.


When we look at the Scriptures when Jesus rebuked He gave the item He rebuked a follow-up command.  I ministered to a couple for years, and that had a child with seizures. She kept saying, “I rebuked the devil.” However, there were three challenges with her prayer.

  • She prayed silently.  The devil couldn’t hear what she was binding and restricting.

  • She prayed legalistically.  She believed just praying in her mind, “I rebuke you devil would get the job done.”

  • She didn’t give the enemy a follow-up command. Once she did rebuke him aloud if she ever followed my advice and prayed aloud, she didn’t tell the enemy what to do, the disease to leave, or command her child to be healed.  She just kept telling me all the time; I rebuked the devil.

When we look at the storm on the water in Mark 4.  We see an example of Jesus rebuking the wind and speaking to the sea.  “He rose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” Then the wind ceased, and there was a great calm” (Mark 4:39).  Jesus rose up and rebuked the wind, which was causing disruption on the sea. When He rebuked the wind, which is taking authority over it, He spoke to the sea and gave it a following up command of authority to be still.

Write – Where you need to rebuke the enemy and give him a follow-up command.





Write a prophetic declaration for each issue you addressed above.

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