Rebuking the Enemy Against Your Prophecies (Ep. 51)

March 27, 2020

Are you discouraged waiting for your prophetic words to come to pass? Warfare is waged the moment a prophetic word is spoken out. In this episode, learn how to bind and restrict the enemy from attacking and delaying your prophetic words.


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Episode Notes:

Discern your prophecies and determine the character of the prophetic person delivering the word. Did they know any true facts about you? Did they have their own agenda or something they desired to change in you? Did you talk to them about your hopes, dreams and desires? Spend some time sorting through your prophecies and asking the Holy Spirit to confirm true prophecies to you and to convict you of false or soulish prophecies.

Binding and restrict and declare out against the enemy from coming and attacking your prophetic words. Cover yourself and your prophecies thoroughly in prayer.

Spend time praying on the offense against the enemies plans to annihilate your prophetic words.

Evaluate if you came into agreement with the prophet while they were delivering the word and if in any way they may have gotten off track or prophesied out of their flesh because they were distracted, affirmed or prideful.

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Search the Scriptures on Prophecy. Prophecy is in part. The prophetic releases it, but you also need to come together with the Holy Spirit to manifest it!


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