Release The Prophetic with Kathy DeGraw

Walk in the full manifestation of your prophetic destiny! The Word tells us that prophecy is in part (1 Corinthians 13:9), but you have a part to manifest as you release or receive the prophetic. You must activate your faith and work alongside the Holy Spirit to ignite your gift. I will teach you how to release prophetic words and manifest the words you have been waiting upon. Learn how to increase your discernment and walk in the prophetic! Sign up for the online course, today!


Kathy’s School in activating the prophetic and manifesting your prophetic words is available online or as a church training event.

  • How to Embrace the Prophetic
  • Increase Your Desire of Prophecy
  • Identify Your Call to the Prophetic
  • How to Prophesy
  • The Qualifications of a Prophet According to Jeremiah 1
  • How to Manifest Your Prophetic Words
  • True Prophetic
  • False Prophetic
  • What are Soulish Prophecies and Prophetic Cautions
  • How to Complete and Protect a Prophetic Word
  • Gift vs. Office
  • How Familiar Spirits Operate
  • How to Diagram Your Prophetic Words
  • How to Prophetically Intercede
  • How to Release the Prophetic Over Yourself
  • The Impact of Prophecy in Deliverance and Inner Healing
  • Receive Prayer Impartation

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