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Warfare Declarations – 2nd Edition

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Warfare Declarations to pray and speak out audibly to combat the powers of darkness fighting against yo

35 in stock



Annihilate the powers of darkness waging warfare against you. In this book, Kathy puts some of her most powerful weaponry to defeat the powers of Satan. A revised and expanded edition that will have you feeling empowered! Walk out your dominion and speak out and declare out these prayers combatting spiritual warfare.

Declarations include:

  • Eradicate the Enemy
  • Abolish Spiritual Darkness
  • Spirit of Sabotage
  • Witchcraft Curses
  • Generational Covenant Breaker
  • Disengaging Dark Powers
  • Authority Over the Enemy
  • Dissolving and Destroying Delays
  • Infiltrating the Enemy’s Camp
  • Destiny Destroyer
  • Destiny Defilement
  • Removing Legal Rights
  • and more!


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