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Warfare Declarations – 2nd Edition

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Warfare Declarations to pray and speak out audibly to combat the powers of darkness fighting against yo

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Annihilate the powers of darkness waging warfare against you. In this book, Kathy puts some of her most powerful weaponry to defeat the powers of Satan. A revised and expanded edition that will have you feeling empowered! Walk out your dominion and speak out and declare out these prayers combatting spiritual warfare.

Declarations include:

  • Eradicate the Enemy
  • Abolish Spiritual Darkness
  • Spirit of Sabotage
  • Witchcraft Curses
  • Generational Covenant Breaker
  • Disengaging Dark Powers
  • Authority Over the Enemy
  • Dissolving and Destroying Delays
  • Infiltrating the Enemy’s Camp
  • Destiny Destroyer
  • Destiny Defilement
  • Removing Legal Rights
  • and more!


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