Prophetic School Workbook

This workbook is straight from Kathy’s Prophetic School. You can work alongside her YouTube videos, online school, or in-person school.

17 workbook sessions with accompanying YouTube videos include:

  • Embracing the Prophetic
  • Desire of Prophecy
  • My Call to the Prophetic
  • How to Prophesy
  • Jeremiah 1
  • Manifesting Your Prophetic Words
  • True Prophetic
  • False Prophetic
  • Soulish Prophecies and Prophetic Cautions
  • Completing a Prophetic Word
  • Gift vs. Office
  • Familiar Spirits
  • Diagramming Your Prophetic Words
  • Prophetic Intercession
  • Self-Proclamations
  • Prophecy in Deliverance and Inner Healing