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Prophetic Proclamations – 2nd edition

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In Kathy’s revised and expanded edition of Prophetic Proclamations, she will have you declaring and decreeing every good and perfect thing to come forth in the natural on your behalf and you will be empowered to shift the spiritual atmosphere.

6 in stock

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In this 2nd edition of one of Kathy’s most popular books she has tightened up the proclamations, added another powerful arsenal of positive things to call forth and will have you writing your own declarations with ease.

Filled with lots of powerful prophetic proclamations directly inspired by the Holy Spirit during her personal prayer time, Kathy empowers you with direct insights from the Spirit of the Lord of how to pull things forth in the spiritual atmosphere and activate the abundance of heaven on your behalf.

This book is a great tool to go alongside Kathy’s book, Speak Out.

Do you need your destiny to release and a shift in the spiritual atmosphere to manifest on your behalf? This book is a must need for your prayer artillery.


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