Deliverance School Workbook

This workbook is straight from Kathy’s Deliverance School. You can work alongside her YouTube videos, online school, or in-person school.

This booklet will assist you to freedom and equip you to release the ministry of deliverance.

Mark 1
Mark 5
Mark 9
Deliverance – What did Jesus say?
Spiritual Housekeeping
Demons on Objects
Ways Demons Enter Christians
Deliverance from the Womb to the Tomb
Deliverance is a Process
Spiritual Warfare – Psalm 91
Spiritual Warfare is Audible
Behind Every Strongman is a Lie
Timeline the Entry Point
Mind Binding Spirits
Familiar Spirits
Dormant Spirits
Holy Spirit Discernment vs. Demonic Infiltration
Spirits of Distraction
Territorial Spirits
Word Curses
Vows and Oaths
Generational Curses
Soul Ties
Strongman Spirits
Soul Captivity
Satanic Ritual Abuse