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Anointing Oil – Healing and Deliverance

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Anointing oil



Please note two different sizes of oil are available on different pages of our website. This is our large skinny bottle (this is larger than the normal bottle of oil we sell, about 2″ tall.)

This oil comes in a gift bag with a red cloth. Red is the color of the blood of Jesus. Yesterday (Jan. 19), my assistant was coming near one of our anointed cloths and the glory of God fell on her and she started receiving deep intimacy with the Lord and supernatural deliverance.

Anointed aprons and handkerchiefs were used in the Bible for healing and deliverance. In this season, where so many are homebound and cannot get out to receive prayer for healing and deliverance this would be a wonderful gift. If you place a gift order, please order separately from your order and put the recipient’s address in the ship to and we will ship direct.

Very fragrant! A new custom blended oil anointed, prayed and worshipped over by Kathy.

HOPE is the word I got as I anointed, prayed and worshiped over this oil!

Fresh oil, scent and custom blended January 20, 2021 personally by Kathy!


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