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Anointing Oil – Kathy Blended-Prayed-Worshiped

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Anointing oil



Kathy has specifically blended a new scent. She has laid hands on the bottles, prayed, and worshipped over them.

She spoke blessings and prophesied the Lord is for you. She felt a deliverance anointing, the glory of God and the peace of God while she was worshiping over these oils. She spoke favor of the God to come upon you!

The bottles and custom scents were right by her when the presence of the Lord came. She prayed in tongues and prophesied over these!

Everyone has a point of contact where they increase their faith. Even the woman with the issue of blood, said, “If only I can touch the hem of His garment.” The Bible instructs, to anoint with oil. The Lord wants you well. I want you well. Whether or not you buy oil or not I want you to go to and send me your prayer request. I will print them and lay hands on them and speak life into your situation and pray for you this week. Jesus loves you and so do I!

Fresh oil, scents and custom blended October 2020!


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