Are you looking for new depths and levels of prayer?



Have you prayed numerous prayers and ever wondered if God is hearing you?

Do you feel your prayer life is boring and stagnant?

Do you find yourself praying the same thing over and over again?

Do you feel disconnected and lacking in your relationship to Jesus?

Do you hear others pray and think, “I wish I could pray like that?”

Jesus was the perfect model of prayer, but in order to know how He prayed we need to study the Scriptures, get into a close relationship with Him, and learn how He spoke out to the spiritual atmosphere and physical things.

Online classes are available through  Courses are valid for one year and are non-refundable.

 Do we know how to effectively listen and yield to the Holy Spirit for what needs to be prayed out?

Prayer Training Course – Bring a Prayer School to Your Ministry

We have the Holy Spirit co-laboring with us in prayer, but do we know how to tap into that power within us?

Do you find yourself thinking about your situation more than praying about it?  Are you praying in your mind or speaking out audibly in your prayer time?  God gave Apostle Kathy a prophetic word that she would change the way the church prayed.  At first, she didn’t think she had a passion about empowering people to pray until one day as she was writing she felt the Holy Spirit come through her like a bolt of lightning.  Now she uses her 20+ years of leading prayer rooms, healing services, writing articles and books to empower people.  Kathy spent two years lying prostrate getting to know the Lord and being in intimate communion with Him.  Out of that time came a prayer warrior!  Kathy wants to impart and ignite you to be stocked with dangerous tools and arsenal against the kingdom of darkness and to have the heaven’s opening on your behalf and the blessings of gifts and answered prayers coming down upon you and those you love.  Allow her to ignite you with a passion of prayer and a strong artillery against the enemy!

Kathy has written several books on prayer including: Speak Out, Warfare Declarations, Who is Speaking (discernment) and Powerful Prophetic Proclamations.


  • Praying the Psalms-Diagraming the Psalms including warfare vs. praises
  • Entering into prayer and opening God’s ears
  • Silent meditation to receive holy revelation
  • Natural versus spiritual prayer
  • Power of praying subtlety
  • Praying in the Spirit / Tongues – Includes how to enhance your spirit language and pull on your spirit man for increase and intensity in your prayer language.
  • Praying in your mind versus audibly.  – When should we pray silently versus when we need to declare and decree audibly.
  • The power of speaking out declarations, commands, and decrees.
  • Get up and get moving – How not to allow your prayer life to become stagnant.  – Moving in the natural to release the spiritual.
  • Propelling your prayer life to the next level!
  • Transitioning from silent prayer – Connecting spirit to Spirit to pray audibly
  • The power of opening our mouths in prayer
  • Praying about it vs. Thinking about it
  • Connecting Spirit to spirit – the value of our intake valve
  • Prayer Watches – including what it means to pray in specific time frames and hours
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Restricting enemy access to your prayer petitions
  • Taking authority over demonic Assignments
  • Praying the will of the Father
  • Praying the names of God
  • Praying the Scriptures
  • Speak Out – satan can’t hear what you think – Speak!
  • Your words are prophetically assigned
  • Knowing versus Feeling – Do you KNOW the answer or feel you have the answer?
  • Declaring according to the will and Word of God
  • Completing, covering, and protecting your prayer time
  • How did Jesus pray? – His model of prayer
  • What the Bible says about prayer