We all encounter spiritual warfare.  What are the effective ways to combat that warfare using biblical strategies and Holy Spirit discernment?

The Prophetic Spiritual Warfare Podcast will instruct and educate you how to combat the powers of the darkness and bind and restrict spiritual warfare in your life.  The enemy will be exposed through deep teachings into spiritual roots, witchcraft, and strongholds.  Freedom will manifest as you activate your spiritual senses and take authority over the enemy.

Impartation will manifest and destinies will be released as you receive freedom and learn how to set the captives free!


Special Prophetic Word: You Are Not Defeated

Release your history and walk in your prophetic destiny. Receive deliverance and impartation in this special prophetic release on how you are not defeated! SHOW NOTES Prophetic Prayer Declaration Against Defeat Pray this out audibly: I prophesy and proclaim that defeat is not my portion. Spirit [...]

Breaking Familiar Spirits of Poverty and Financial Lack (Ep. 29)

Have you tried to get ahead in finances but no matter how hard you try you find yourself experiencing unexplainable financial setbacks? Have you almost had your bills paid off and then out of the ordinary financial expenses appear? In this episode learn how to break a [...]

Exposing Demonic Nighttime Sexual Spirits (Ep. 27)

Demonic spirits torment us in the night hours. This secret visitation brings shame among God’s people. However, exposing the powers of darkness is the key to removing torment and demonic visitation in the night hour. In this episode, Kathy will reveal the truth about these sexual spirits [...]

Demonic Spirits Monitor Your Activities (Ep. 25)

Can demonic spirits monitor your activities and report back to their commanders? The demonic realm is organized, committed, and disciplined. Just like angels can be around to guard and protect, demons can be monitoring your life to cause spiritual warfare. In this episode, learn how monitoring and [...]

Interrupting Vain Imaginations (Ep. 22)

Vain imaginations and false scenarios or false realities attack the mind multiple times a day. Demonic attacks cause you to elevate vain imaginations with false scenarios and outcomes. It makes you worry, stress, and fear. Listen as Kathy shares with how to keep your mind on fruitful things of God and overcome the attacks of [...]

Diffusing the Torment Conspiring with Fear (Ep. 20)

Discover how to take authority over your thoughts for your deliverance. Kathy arms you with the knowledge to expose the torment and fear, but she won’t leave you there just knowing about it, she will help you to become free from it! Listen and learn how to conquer your thoughts, cast down imaginations, and manifest the authority Jesus [...]

Eradicating the Strongman Behind Fear (Ep. 18)

Behind fear is a mind-binding strongman spirit. Unless we root out the mind-binding spirit that is activating with fear we will not receive full deliverance. Listen as Kathy provides insights to walk through freedom and cast out the spirit of fear. Receive the impartation prayer at the end of [...]

Identifying Demonic Spirits Collaborating with Fear (Ep. 16)

Fear manifests in several ways and can be a struggle in which to receive deliverance. Emotional triggers and demonic strongholds can keep us in bondage. Learn what seven things feed fear as Kathy breaks down each one individually explaining how it feeds fear and how to receive [...]

SPECIAL EPISODE | Prophetic Word: A Deep River of His Love. (Ep. 15)

"There is a prophetic flow like a wellspring of life on the inside of you. It is the flow of Jesus’ great love for you that He is abundantly releasing on your behalf. You have been shut off, and there have been pockets of enemy attacks and [...]

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