We all encounter spiritual warfare.  What are the effective ways to combat that warfare using biblical strategies and Holy Spirit discernment?

The Prophetic Spiritual Warfare Podcast will instruct and educate you how to combat the powers of the darkness and bind and restrict spiritual warfare in your life.  The enemy will be exposed through deep teachings into spiritual roots, witchcraft, and strongholds.  Freedom will manifest as you activate your spiritual senses and take authority over the enemy.

Impartation will manifest and destinies will be released as you receive freedom and learn how to set the captives free!


Rebuking the Enemy Against Your Prophecies (Ep. 51)

Are you discouraged waiting for your prophetic words to come to pass? Warfare is waged the moment a prophetic word is spoken out. In this episode, learn how to bind and restrict the enemy from attacking and delaying your prophetic words. SHOW NOTES SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Kathy’s international [...]

Tools for Demonic Eviction and Spiritual Cleansing (Ep. 49)

Spiritual housecleaning involves evicting demonic spirits from our homes and lives. There are spiritual tools and weaponry we can use to assist us in casting out demons. In this episode, learn to reach for a natural tool in order to change the spiritual atmosphere. [...]

Closing Demonic Portals – Entering Heavenly Realms (Ep. 48)

As we travel through regions and go to different places, we can feel the heaviness in the atmosphere. Darkness and evil spirits lurk and sometimes fear pierces our soul. In this episode, learn you have nothing to fear. You have authority over all things!

Removing Sexual Abuse Strongholds – Known or Unknown (Ep. 47)

Sexual strongholds and defilements in our past known and unknown can prevent us from living in the fullness of joy and receiving our prophetic breakthrough. In this episode, learn how to root out all sexual abuse and defiling spirits and release and walk in victory and joy. [...]

Cleansing a Room from Demonic Entry Points (Ep. 46)

Cleans your rooms from demonic spirits that enter through electronics, especially through your television. Listen as Kathy explains how everyday music, shows, and movies can unlock entry points for demonic activity in your home. Hear what you can do to protect yourself and your family today. [...]

Pressing Through to Your Breakthrough (Prophetic Episode, Ep. 39)

We all have a desire for a breakthrough. We have put up with the way things have been for long enough. Doubt and unbelief happen when we have the desired breakthrough and have not seen the manifestation. We get discouraged and even jealous of people who have [...]

Receive Deliverance through Praise and Worship (Ep. 33)

When combatting spiritual warfare, we need to rely on the Holy Spirit for prophetic insights on what and how to pray. In this episode, Kathy DeGraw says as you build your relationship with Holy Spirit, expect that He will speak to you clearly. Spiritual Warfare is audible, [...]

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