Authority & Prayer Weaponry Mini-Course

Be empowered to know and declare your authority in Christ.

Apostle Kathy wants to meet you right where you are at and propel you to the next level!  She wants to impart the knowledge she has received and your authority in Christ to manifest your healing, have your prophecies come forth and bring financial increase to your life.  She has commanded weather to be still, her dishwasher to work, vehicles to come forth and physical healings to manifest.


Bound No More Mini-Course

Be set free from rejection, unworthiness, fear, and intimidation!

Do you feel unworthy because of past sin?
Does rejection with people still plaque you?
Do fear and intimidation continually traumatize you?

Allow Kathy DeGraw to lead you to freedom from these four strongholds.


Deliverance Mini-Course

Your beginning steps to freedom – Are you seeking deliverance?  Are there bondages and strongholds in your life that you haven’t been able to release?

Allow me to assist you through self-deliverance in the privacy of your home.


Breaking Food Addictions Mini-Course

Kathy has a passion to see people lose weight, get Kingdom fit, and break the strongholds that lead to emotional eating.  She coaches over 500 people in her Kingdom Fit Facebook group, and over 2000 people through her local Be Love Outreach.  Apostle Kathy gained knowledge when she sat under Dr. Don VerHulst’s teaching on eating God’s way, learning what foods are bad and how to change your food intake.


Accelerated Deliverance Mini-Course

Join me for a 6-week course to Set the Captives Free!  I have been hearing the word LIBERATION in the spiritual realm this month!  I am going to assist you to FREEDOM ~ DELIVERANCE ~ LIBERATION!!!