Loving Challenging People (Prophetic Episode, Ep. 50)

March 27, 2020

People in our lives or that we encounter can be challenging, but challenging people can simply be people who need love. In this prophetic message episode, learn how to release the love of God at all times, especially to people who are in extra need of His love.



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Episode Notes:

Be Love ? Give Love ? Receive Love

Our mission should be to love God and love people, and serve God and to serve people.

You deserved extra grace and love before you knew the Lord and so do others. Be patient and extend the love you would want to receive.

Hurting people hurt people. Often, people can be challenging to love because they are hurting, lonely, depressed and feel unwanted and unloved.

One of my goals is to out love the next person. What does this mean? Find a person who is very loving and nice or when you are out in public and you encounter someone very kind and loving and try to out love them, which means try to be more love to them than they are to you.

Ask the Lord to reveal and show you His perfect love and to give you His heart for other people. Spend time in the presence of the Lord to receive His love, so in return, you can give His love out to others.

Search the Bible for Scriptures on love. Write out the Scriptures and internalize them to assist you to transform into a love machine!

Write a ten sentence declaration speaking out you will be love.

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