How to Read a Book with Maximum Impact

June 14, 2021

I am a firm believer in buying every book that interests you. If you see it on clearance, buy it. If you hear about the next best book or a friend recommends it, buy it. Buy it and put it on the shelf and then wait for the Holy Spirit to guide you to read it.

I remember years ago, I purchased a book on wounds for $4 on clearance. It was at a time in my life I was attempting to learn as much as I could about healing. Therefore, I bought it and shelved it. I never read it but left it on the shelf.

If a book is for this time and season of your life, it should grab your attention in the first few pages and, at the most, the first chapter. If it doesn’t draw you in, then the book could be out of season for your life. I remember so many times picking up a book and thinking, “This isn’t doing anything for me.” Years later, I would pick up the same book and devour it. The book was for that time and season in my life.

The healing book I purchased and put on my shelf was the same way. As I was on my couch one day seeking the Lord for healing, He brought my eyes right to that book on my shelf. And yes, it was a book for that season of my life. I started reading and by page four, I knew it was for that time and season. It brought healing to my life. Because of this book and others, I am passionate about buying the book and putting it on the shelf. I can’t tell you the number of times I was thankful I had the book there waiting for a specific time and moment in my life.

I want to impart a reading tip to you. Read a book with a highlighter in your hand. Highlight the parts that stick out to you or that you want to remember or cross-reference in the future. As a speaker, it is helpful to have my favorite parts highlighted for quick and easy reference while preparing to give a message. As a writer, it brings to the forefront a thought or quote I may want to put in a future teaching to give the author credit.

However, the most important aspect of these highlights I want to share with you is that you found this information valuable. Therefore, go back through the book a second time and just read the highlights so you can internalize and meditate on those important facts and bits of revelation. You additionally can go back as often as you need and they are going to pop off the page and assist you again and again.

The Spirit of the Lord uses authors to speak to us. Books are great! In fact, I have written ten books. However, I do want to point out all authors are people. Therefore, we are made of spirit and flesh take all insights and test them to scripture and subject them to the Spirit of the Lord. Read the book with a Bible in hand to cross-reference Scripture and receive more prophetic layers from the revelation. It will also be a good way to enhance your Bible study time.

I want to encourage you to read a book, learn, grow and share it. Be obedient to what the Lord is calling you to read and do for His Kingdom. All the knowledge we gain is not simply to benefit us alone but to profit the world. Embrace your destiny and calling and be obedient to the word of God and disciplined to read and write as instructed and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Books are great. However, remember never to allow them to replace the greatest book, the Bible, in your life!

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