Conquer the thoughts plaguing your mind as you learn to put on the Helmet of Deliverance. The Lord knew our struggles would be in the mind and demonic attacks are rooted in a seducing, mind-binding spirit. Listen to begin the conscious effort to get mentally strong so when the fiery darts come at your mind they bounce off.


How to Guard Your Thoughts from the Enemy – Charisma Article Reference

The Lord’s Word says to “put on the helmet of salvation.” Salvation, when studied, means deliverance; therefore, look at this Scripture as to put on the helmet of deliverance.

Why does His Word tell us to put on deliverance, and above all, on our head, over our mind? Our Father knew our struggles would be in our mind. Lies, deception and demonic attacks are rooted in a seducing, mind-binding spirit. It gets your thoughts focused in the wrong direction—in fact, an unhealthy and unproductive thought pattern.

Action Statement:  It takes a conscious effort sometimes to put on our helmet of deliverance.  We have something to do about our situation.

The enemy can only penetrate our thoughts as far as we allow him to. We need to get strong like that armor so when those fiery dart come at our mind they bounce off our helmet, our mind.

If you mind is so full of Scripture every tormenting thought can be thwarted with that Scripture.
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• I thank you Lord, I have the mind of Christ and I hold every thought captive to the Word of God.
• I decree and declare that my mind thinks fruitful and productive thoughts.
• I bind and restrict every demonic force from penetrating my mind with lies and negativity!
• I have a sound, self-disciplined mind, not full of fear, but love and power (2 Timothy 1:7).
• I capture every distracting thought and command it to leave my mind, in Jesus’ name.

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