How to Manifest Your Prophetic Word

Have you been given a prophetic word that you’re waiting on to come to pass?

Do you know that you can help manifest your words?

God wants your prophetic words to come to pass so you can impact his Kingdom. Don’t lose hope or give up. Three years ago, I had most of my prophetic words come to pass. In fact, I had to ask the Lord for more prophetic words. In this mini-course, I’ll teach you the same principles that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that manifested my prophecies. I’ll lead you through video, notes, and session assignments. You are going to manifest your words and walk in your destiny!
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How to Totally Forgive Yourself and Others

God wants you to get free and stay free!

The idea of totally forgiving yourself is a wonderful, Godly concept. Then, why is it so hard to actually walk it out?

You humble yourself. You cry out to God in prayer asking for forgiveness. You believe God forgives you, yet you don’t totally forgive yourself. The enemy will use anything you allow to heap shame and condemnation on you. Jesus forgave all of your sins at the cross including those against yourself. He forgave all. You must also forgive all to gain the freedom you deserve…the freedom Christ paid for. Enroll in this free mini-course to learn how to totally forgive yourself and gain the freedom you deserve.
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How To Conquer Fear

How To Conquer Fear In Uncertain Times

In this mini eCourse, you’ll learn how to conquer the spirit of fear. You’ll understand why fear grips you and expose its entry point, the root cause, what it does to your mind, and how it holds you in bondage.

I invite you to take this FREE mini eCourse to press through to your breakthrough, expel fear and release faith! I’ll teach you how I was able to capture my wondering unproductive thoughts and how you can too! I’ll give you practical exercises and prayer declarations along with a few assignments to help you go deep and root out fear. I’ll assist you through the deliverance process by giving you word choices, prayers, and declarations to break agreement with fear. I’ll assist you to walk out your deliverance process from fear to faith. The last lesson includes powerful declarations the Holy Spirit wrote through me the other night to annihilate sickness, death, and COVID19 to pray against what is currently happening in the natural world and spiritual realm.
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