Exposing the Spirit of Python

September 17, 2021

Does stagnancy plague you? Do you feel dry as if you need a spiritual reboot? Did you know your problem can be demonic in nature and not a fleshly tendency?

Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t press through to your breakthrough or get your spiritual walk back to where you want it? Our lack of spiritual desire can be more than flesh or laziness. It can be a principality and power in operation! A python spirit is a witchcraft operation coming against your spiritual walk. It desires to silence and suffocate the voice of the prophetic and since we are called to be a prophetic generation it wants to silence you.

On one occasion, as we went to the place of prayer, a servant girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling. She followed Paul and us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.”
—Acts 16:16–17

The word divination in Greek is referred to as a python.[i] A python spirit in the spiritual realm would correlate to a python snake in the natural. A python kills its prey by constriction and asphyxiation. I think sometimes in our walk we feel constricted. We try to move forward to find ourselves stagnant or back sliding. Constriction is a narrowing or tightening. Asphyxiation is being deprived of oxygen, which can result in unconsciousness or death. The python spirit constricts and tightens around the trachea and makes it difficult to breathe.

I recently was shown by the Lord how this can relate to stroke like symptoms where you are deprived of oxygen. I think we could go a step further and even say is the coronavirus around because it affects our oxygen and is trying to silence the voice people have to speak out. WOW! What an interesting thought and correlation that came forth as I wrote that. The Spirit of God is moving and I feel there is something important here to release. I’ll be praying more into this and releasing a follow up article on Charisma Magazine.

Python Spirits can attack regions!

When you are in a territory dominated by witchcraft or have a prophetic voice and message, you may feel your trachea tighten. Python spirits generally want to make you prayerless and come to attack your spiritual walk. They make you lose your passion for worship, prayer, and the Lord. A python spirit attacks your spiritual walk, and you think you are in a dry place. The python spirit will continue to attack until you eradicate it through prayer.

Constricting is putting pressure on something to make it tighter and narrower. In the natural, we lose our voice when our vocal cords are inflamed or swollen, making a narrow passage between them. When this happens, our vocal cords don’t vibrate as easily, which inhibits us from talking and speaking fluently. When we look at the spiritual realm, the python and witchcraft spirits do the same to Christian ministers. They come to disrupt and silence the prophetic voice, attempting to inhibit the Word of God from going forth to advance the kingdom of God.

Jezebel and controlling spirits go labor with a python spirit. It is multi-faceted! Don’t assume you are up against one strongman only. You can learn more about strongman spirits in my book, Prophetic Spiritual Warfare. There can be many strongmen. In Mark 5, Jesus asks the demon its name, and it says, “My name is Legion; for we are many” (Mark 5:9). I once delivered a lady who had five strongmen of control. Therefore, don’t assume anything in the ministry of deliverance and spiritual warfare. Allow the Holy Spirit to prophetically lead you through each situation for what is uniquely needed for that particular circumstance.

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