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Natural Healing Remedies and Emotional Wholeness

Start Date: September 10

Join me for a 6-week course to get Kingdom Fit.

I lost 25 lbs by changing two things in my eating structure and my husband lost 15 lbs by changing these two things when he wasn’t even trying to lose weight!

I’ve always been drawn to obese and overweight people. I think if you look at a person’s face they have such a glow and are simply beautiful. I want to help you draw out the outward beauty over your entire body, so you will feel good, feel worthy, and be able to move and be active for the Kingdom!

I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to give me a desire to lose weight and run.  He has made me passionate to help people lose weight.

  • Receive insights into natural home remedies and easy things you can do to lose weight without exercising and dieting.
  • Receive healing from emotional issues and demonic bondages that are making you find comfort in food.
  • Learn the different types of food addictions and discover your emotional stronghold to root it out.
  • Learn practical life applicable solutions to help you get Kingdom Fit. There are no diets involved in this course.
  • How to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for your food guideline. Every person’s is different.
  • Learn about vitamins, but definitely the best vitamin out there to help you control cravings.
  • Recipes of natural sugar, gluten free desserts that are tasty with normal cupboard items.
  • Receive support through my Kingdom Fit – Facebook page.
  • Receive weekly emails with what to work on that week to change your habits and eating goals.

Receive weekly support through group conference calls every Tuesday evening at 8:30pm EST!  Playback availability for those who can’t make the call.

Email me direct questions related to your food/eating issues and I’ll help problem solve.

Weekly homework – There will only be changing your eating habits trying to implement what I’ve taught and meditating on issues in which you need inner healing.


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