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Do you need to receive or learn how to minister Inner Healing and Deliverance?  In this course custom-designed by Kathy learn where deliverance and inner healing ministries fall short and why people don’t truly get delivered or keep their deliverance.  It is not enough to simply renounce and repent, we must cast out the demon associated with the stronghold.  Let’s go deep and expose legal rights and remove the root cause!

Are you frustrated with not being able to receive your breakthrough?  Are you ministering effortlessly or are you hitting a brick wall? Kathy will teach on 20 of the most common strongholds through what she calls Prophetic Deliverance.  Everything she teaches is straight from Holy Spirit revelation and the Word of God!  The teachings will include how each transitions from an emotional ailment to a spiritual stronghold, how to forgive, repent, and what spirits to cast out.  You will receive impartation and activation prayers for each stronghold along with faith and warfare declarations to keep the enemy at bay and walk out your freedom.


  1. What is inner healing?
  2. Inner Healing – Going Deep with Demonic Deliverance – Why inner healing ministries don’t set you free.  We must cast out the demon associated with the emotional trauma.  Going deep in ministry to receive full deliverance.
  3. Forgiveness and Repentance – Have you been unable to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself?  Every time I lead this session even if a person thinks they have forgiven everyone through the practical application in this session they always find another pocket of forgiveness that needs to be extended.
  4. Control and Manipulation – Breaking curses and spiritual strongholds from people who have operated in a Jezebel controlling spirit over us and rooting control out of ourselves. Breaking generational curses of control and mind patterns our mothers have instilled upon us.
  5. Lust and Perversion – Healing from sexual abuse and destroying and rooting out the strongman of pornography, masturbation and sexual spirits, including incubus and succubus nighttime attacks. Exposing the luring spirits that make it difficult to resist temptation.
  6. Addictions-electronic, food, drug, narcotics, alcohol
  7. Grief – Grieving through losses and seasons of lives including a variety of examples and topics.  Includes a special healing section from loss of a child due to miscarriage or abortion.
  8. Passivity and Complacency – Rooting out the Python spirit holding Christians captives that make them lose their passion for ministry and creates a prayerless life with no solid devotional practices.
  9. Unworthiness – Releasing the spirits of unworthiness and knowing you are worthy because Christ is worthy and He lives in you. Removing obstacles preventing your prophetic destiny.
  10. Fear and Intimidation – Behind every stronghold and hindrance is fear.  Root out fear in every area of your life.  Remove intimidation so you can speak out, think out, and act out!
  11. Financial Breakthroughs – Saying goodbye to poverty thoughts and financial lack.  Discovering how our financial lack is controlled by a familiar spirit.
  12. Self-Condemnation – Condemnation, guilt, shame, regret, and blame hold us back from the fullness of God and walking in freedom. Destroy this stronghold and be empowered!
  13. Offense – Do you blame others for your problems? Do you know someone who never taking responsibility?  This strongman of unforgiveness destroys relationships, ends marriages, and causes church conflicts. Root it out once and for all.
  14. Betrayal – Church Hurt – Have you been hurt by leaders of the church? Rejection is accompanied by betrayal.  Have you been offended?  Have you never been able to release your prophetic words and walk in your full destiny?  Be set free from church hurt, offenses, and betrayal.
  15. Rebellion – Rebellion leads to control, witchcraft, offense, and betrayal. Find how rebellion co-labors with other spiritual obstacles.
  16. Rejection and People Pleasing- Exposing the roots of rejecting and cutting them off at their life sources. Going back into your past to discover the entry point, to expose where rejection was implanted and canceling the curse and defilement and offering forgiveness to cancel this familiar spirit plaguing your life.
  17. Anger – How to handle a person acting out in anger and determining if your anger is natural anger, holy righteous anger or a spiritual stronghold.
  18. Relationships – Setting Boundaries and Healing from Wounded Relationships
  19. Soul – Jesus wants our soul whole – Living without emotional ailments, depression, and anxiety
  20. Pride and Leviathan – How to deal with people with pride and rooting pride out of yourself.


Join me on this journey to freedom and empowerment to set the captives free.  I’ve been teaching this course for several years internationally and have assisted thousands of people to freedom.  Don’t give up on your deliverance.  Allow the Holy Spirit to prophetically move you through deliverance and impart into you a deliverance anointing.  You will even receive a certificate of completion and can opt to move forward with certification with Kathy for deliverance ministry.

Kathy’s course has been so successful a publisher just offered her a book deal for this material, but don’t wait for the book to be released in June of 2020 get your freedom and empowerment now!

City/State: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Location: Hampton Inn – 4755 Wilson Ave SW, Grandville, Michigan 49418

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