Prophetic Spiritual Warfare – Grand Rapids, Michigan

October 14-16

Kathy will be hosting a prophetic spiritual warfare and deliverance event. She will be partnering with the Holy Spirit to manifest your destiny! In this event, you can expect Kathy to give the Holy Spirit permission to move and release as He desires. Kathy, along with her husband, Ron, will be preaching, teaching, releasing the prophetic, praying for physical healing, imparting spiritual warfare tactics and casting out demons.

Jim Bakker Show – Morningside Church Missouri

October 20

Kathy will be recording and teaching on prophetic spiritual warfare for the Jim Baker Show.

A Cry for Deliverance – District Heights, Maryland

October 31

Kathy will be teaching and preaching prophetically led by the Holy Spirit releasing the ministry of deliverance prophetic and equipping in spiritual warfare. 

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