As disciples, we are growing in maturity. This can only happen if we are spiritually empowered.


Do you need discipleship?

Do you seek Christian life coaching?

Do you want someone to push and propel you to the next level?

Do you need prophetic insight?

Do you need someone to help you trouble shoot your spiritual walk?

Do you need accountability and structure?

Are you teachable, correctible and welcome discipline to bring you closer to the Lord?

Is there a call of God on your life you want to obtain and achieve?

Online classes are available.  Courses are valid for one year and are non-refundable.

Release YOUR destiny through prophetic insights, Holy Spirit instruction and natural insights of what you want to learn!

Apostle Kathy is passionate about discipleship.  She takes the great commission seriously and believes the more strong believers she can establish the more people can be launched into their God-given destiny.  She wants to assist people to achieve their ministry goals and start the ministry God has intended for them.  It is not about one ministry, but establishing many people in ministry, because one ministry can’t save the world, but many ministers and strong christian leaders out there can impact the world.  Allow her to take her compassion and passion to ignite and propel you!


Apostle Kathy will personally mentor you and assist you in launching your prophetic destiny!

  • Walk in the Supernatural
  • Release the Prophetic
  • Activate your Gifts
  • Manifest your Prophecies
  • Become a Prayer Warrior
  • Combat Spiritual Warfare
  • Increase in Discernment
  • Secret Place Encounters

Kathy will personally disciple you through text, emails, phone calls, Skype and videos.  You will receive personal attention and direct access to Kathy to assist you in opening the heavens and conquering the warfare!

Upon completion of this course if you decide to launch a ministry ask Apostle Kathy about her Apostolic Oversight program.

Do you want to see your prophetic words come to pass?

Do you need someone to coach you, propel you, and walk alongside you as you grow and mature in the Lord?

Do you need someone to push and gear you to the next level and not settle for mediocracy?

Release YOUR destiny through allowing Apostle Kathy to do life with you and assisting you with prophetic insights, Holy Spirit instruction and natural insights of what you want to learn!

Kathy will custom write a program and walk alongside you catered to your needs.  (Please keep in mind this program cannot contain elements from other courses she offers.  You can take multiple courses and interactive through them all at the same time.)  Apostle Kathy will gather information from you on what you want to learn and what you hope to achieve.  She’ll take what you are struggling with and where you hope to elevate and will custom write a one year discipleship course for you and do it with you!