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Your Keys To Self-Deliverance eCourse

Deliverance through the Holy Spirit will help you get free and stay free! Kathy DeGraw has helped thousands walk through the process of self-deliverance. Now, you can use her nine best self-deliverance techniques to lead you to freedom in the privacy of your home. In this course, you’ll learn to release forgiveness, receive forgiveness, break agreement with the enemy, to cast out spirits, identity and understand the root cause, evict all fear from your life, and cast out demonic strongholds. You’ll also receive deliverance prayer to cast out demons so you get free and stay free!


What is deliverance?

Demonic strongholds are built in our lives through ungodly behavior patterns, mind-binding thoughts, addictions, sins and word curses. Generational curses, soul ties, traumas and abusive experiences are just some of the areas that the enemy can keep us in bondage. Situations that torment us and emotional ailments that consume us are areas in which we need to get free and stay free.

Spiritual warfare is real and Jesus came to conquer the devil.  You can be delivered from every ailment and dark force! Inner healing and deliverance go hand in hand.  It isn’t enough to receive healing, you must cast out the correlating evil spirit, as Jesus did, to get free and stay free. If you haven’t been able to conquer a physical ailment or emotional issue seek deliverance.



Kathy DeGraw has helped thousands of people break free from the chains of bondage.  She goes deep in deliverance casting out the demon and strongman as Jesus did. She roots out and destroys the evil powers of witchcraft, death, disease and principalities and evil powers. Be empowered to disassemble and disrupt spiritual attacks as Kathy teaches while she delivers. She exposes and reveals destructive thought patterns which paralyze people with mind-binding spirits keeping the same negative things happening. Receive deliverance and remove stagnancy, defeat and unworthiness from your life.

Kathy is unavailable for personal deliverance sessions. You can walk through the process of self-deliverance through her book, Unshackled, and through her eCourse, Your Keys to Self-Deliverance.

Please fill out the deliverance form for Kathy’s team to prayerfully consider a deliverance session with you. There is a fee charged for all deliverance sessions.

Deliverance Application

Start your journey of deliverance today with Kathy DeGraw through a Charisma eCourse. Find freedom and stay free!