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In this school participants receive freedom while learning to minister freedom.  We allow the Holy Spirit to lead our meetings and move prophetically to change lives and empower participants. Deliverance School will activate you to start your own ministry, discern, conquer strongman spirits and will educate you in the realm of witchcraft, deliverance, spiritual warfare, and evil spirits.

Session 1 – Basic Deliverance Knowledge 

What the Gospels say about deliverance
Can Christians have demons?
Deliverance from the womb to the tomb
Ways demons can enter Christians
Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual housekeeping
Demons on objects
Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Session 2 – Discernment and Discerning of the Spirits

Discernment Holy Spirit vs demonic infiltration
Visions as discernment
Discerning people
Word curses
Mark 4 – Demonic storm
Behind every strongman is a lie
Mind binding spirits
Timelining the entry point
Spirit of distraction
Familiar spirits
Territorial spirits
Identity in Christ
Slumber/dormant spirits
Spiritual warfare is audible

Session 3 – Strongman Spirits

Generational Curses
Soul Ties
Soul Captivity
Strongman spirits
Vows, oaths, dedications and promises
MPD-DID vs demonic
Satanic Ritual Abuse
Scriptures in Revelation
Spiritual Warfare – Psalm 91

Kathy DeGraw


Not only can you bring a school to your church, but Apostle Kathy offers school  training PLUS deliverance church services. The combination school and church services are available upon request in order to best meet the needs for your church, region, and team. Deliverance School + Church Services may include: Deliverance Service or Conference, Individual Deliverance Sessions, and Deliverance Training for Leaders. The combination of deliverance product options will be determined on your needs assessment.


Apostle Chris Johnson , Senior Leader at The Reformation Center (NJ)

I had the pleasure of encountering Kathy in London where I witnessed her grace from God to uncover hidden darkness hiding in peoples lives. God used her to liberate, restore, and deliver all in one moment men and women of different nationalities and cultures.

I more than recommend Kathy DeGraw, I believe anyone or organization that encounters her integrity and love for Gods people, will leave lasting change.

Kathy DeGraw is a new generation agent of change with a razor-sharp eye to see and hear the counsel of the Lord. This counsel brings freedom and wholeness to whom ever and wherever she goes.

Charisma Courses | Deliverance with Kathy DeGraw

Are you frustrated with praying and receiving prayer and deliverance ministry but still feel bound by the past? Have you sought out deliverance and pressed through to your breakthrough but still have not received what you are seeking? Receive deep deliverance and ministry empowerment through my Deliverance School. Whether you are seeking individual deliverance or desire to minister in the area of deliverance allow me to empower you and set you free. I’ve trained churches, ministry teams, and individual people around the world with Prophetic Deliverance. Deliverance done Jesus’ way led by the Holy Spirit. When we use the model Jesus did people are set free and stay free and in return can set others free. Click the button below to learn more about this online course.

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