We all condemn ourselves from one thing or another. Self-condemnation can keep us in bondage and have us procrastinating to move towards our destiny. However, the Bible instructs that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). Mind renewals are an important part of walking out of condemnation. Renewing your thoughts and the inadequacies of the past will move you toward victory and freedom. In this episode, learn how to conquer and receive freedom from self-condemnation.


MEMORIZE – Romans 8:1

Write a list of where and how you condemn yourself.

Take the list you have written and transfer it into positive statements.
Write a prophetic declaration opposite of the places you condemn yourself and make a positive declarative statement on how you will change.

You have authority over your thoughts. Meditate on how you can spend time taking authority and changing and renewing your thoughts.

Forgiveness – Offer forgiveness towards people who have sent forth words and actions that made you condemn yourself.

Read Scriptures on authority, identity and inheritance.
Discover who you are in Christ and whose you are in Christ.

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