Deliverance is available from the womb to the tomb. It is necessary at different stages in life. Listen as Kathy explains the demonic entry points for young children. Hear what the deliverance process is and how to speak out life over your children.


Deliverance is available from the womb to the tomb. Deliverance is necessary at different ages of life.

Demonic Entry Points for Young Children include:

– Sexual abuse or exposure to sexual perversion, masturbation, pornography

– Unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Word curses spoken from a parent while in womb

– Trauma – emotional or physical trauma

– Demonic visitation – nightmares in which demonic entities infiltrate a child’s bedroom

– Generational Curses

– Near death experience – accident, injury

– Sickness and disease – cancer, life threatening sickness, spirits of infirmity

– Mental illness

– Emotional abuse

– Household invasion and possession

– Sin and rebellion

Book Reference:

Frank and Ida Mae Hammond – A Manuel for Children’s Deliverance
Kathy DeGraw – Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan and Warfare Declarations

Deliverance Process:

– Pray over child

– Anoint their bedroom

– Bind and restrict demonic visitation

– Teach children how to close the doors to sin

– Teach children to pray and worship

– Cancel any generational curses from your family line off of them

– Seek the Holy Spirit for prophetic discernment and wisdom

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