Breaking Christian Curses (Ep. 41)

February 27, 2020

Do you have negative things that have been spoken over your life? Discover and rescind the effects of words Christians speak that could be delaying your destiny and causing you spiritual warfare.


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Evaluate and meditate on word curses that could have been spoken over your life. Is there a friendship, ministry leader or family member who has spoken negatively to you? Search and discern if there are repeated negative words and if these could have developed into a hindrance over your life.

Discern where you have been stagnant and procrastinating. Does it seem like this is an action of your flesh or could there be a spiritual stronghold preventing you from moving forward?

Who have you disconnected with relationally that could be speaking negatively over your life?

Spend time trusting and leaning on the Holy Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you an hidden motives and intentions in people that you need to be aware of.

Pray and ask the Lord to renew or remove people from your life. You are asking Him to renew them to walk in godly ways or remove them from your circle of friends.

Pray and ask the Lord to remove unproductive and unfruitful relationships. I know this may be difficult. I?ve had to let go of some close relationships myself. However, in the long run it was worth severing the ties to those people.

Pray offensively. Cancel word curses. Ask the Holy Spirit to expose the enemy operating through people in your life.

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