Jezebel Attacks to Silence Your Prophetic Voice

Natural circumstances such as yelling too much at a sports game can put a strain on our vocal cords. Physical sickness such as a cold with a nagging cough can irritate our throat and make it difficult for us to talk. Physical infirmities that cause chronic coughing can wear on our vocal cords, and of course, we can lose our voice when we are attacked with a case of laryngitis. There are natural happenings that can impact our voice, however spiritually there are demonic attacks which can also come against our voice. Jezebel is a master manipulator and operates closely [...]

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Why What Your Body Is Feeling Could Be a Word of Knowledge

We can experience discernment from the spiritual realm through physical body manifestations. Our body can react positively as a sign from the Lord. It can react to a word that is being spoken to us as an affirmation that the word is from the Lord. Physical body manifestations help us to build on our knowledge and experience while our discernment is growing. How can our body react to discernment from the Lord? Think about how you react when someone throws something at you unexpectedly. You react by moving out of the way. Your body reacts to an emotional reaction of [...]

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Jesus is About to Break Satan’s Bondage off Your Mind

I could hear the sound of horse hooves in the spiritual realm, the clip- clop sound of a galloping horse. I could see its legs moving, galloping with a sound as thunder. On the white horse sits Jesus as rider; the Prince of Peace. This vision wasn't referring to His second coming, but to now, what He wants to do in the lives of men. He is coming with a roll of thunder to clear out the minds of man. He has an immediate mission in mind to deliver those whose minds have been locked up. He desires His captives [...]

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I Hear Shackles, Chains Breaking Off Your Life Right Now

On a recent episode of "Greenelines" on the Charisma Podcast Network, prophetic minister Kathy DeGraw told Dr. Steve Greene that the Lord revealed to her that He is preparing to free many believers from the bondages and strongholds that enslave them today. In her prophetic word, DeGraw says God told her: "Right now what I'm feeling for this audience is the fire of God is about to come upon you in a new and a profound way. He says, 'I'm getting ready to burn up the impurities in your life—those soul wounds, those hardships and those hard times.' In the [...]

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I am Reviving Dry Bones

I was in worship and prayer when I heard the Lord say, "I am reviving dry bones." I saw the valley of bones. The bones were scattered around. The Lord continued to say that in the valley, shackles and chains have been broken off; deliverance has been received. You've been in the valley, but the valley has been a time of purification. "I am calling my people to purification. I am calling my people to holiness. I am calling my people to walk in dignity and diligence. I am calling my people to be revived. Your valley experience has not [...]

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What To Do When a Prophetic Word Doesn’t Make Sense To You

You receive a prophetic word, and most of the time, it should be a confirmation of something you already know. Your prophetic word should have the "up factor." It should build up, train up, encourage up and edify up. It should leave you hopeful for something that is coming to pass in the future. What happens when it doesn't do the thing it is intended? What do you do with a prophetic word that doesn't make sense? There are choices to make when a prophetic word doesn't make sense. We can throw it out because it is in no way [...]

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Are You Speaking Generational Curses or Blessings?

We've all been raised with the comments by our parents, "Be careful when driving so you don't get in an accident," or "Watch out the roads are going to be icy or slippery today," or "You better not go near that person; they are sick and you might catch it too." We have been filled with concern that creates negativity in our minds. Worrisome parents who think they are doing good and warning us what to do and not to do. The problem is it causes us to have negative thoughts, worry and put those some kind of remarks on [...]

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Why Do We Lift Our Hands in Worship?

All through the Bible you see scriptures of people bowing down or lying prostrate, yet some of us have had experiences where we were hesitant to lift our hands in worship. When we feel that gentle tug inside; it is the Holy Spirit within us. We feel like we want to do something such as raise our hands, but then we see our friends and family nearby and we are concerned about what it looks like and if they are doing it. We want to worship the Lord in a new way, but we are scared. We are concerned by [...]

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Prophetic Word: ‘Stay Connected to the Pipeline!’

"Stay connected to the pipeline" were the words that cycled in my spirit as I recently worshiped the Lord. I had an idea of what a pipeline was, but since I was hearing this repeatedly in my spirit I pressed in further for natural and spiritual revelation. I knew the Lord was conveying a message for His people and I was eager to know what He was revealing in this hour. A pipeline is defined by Webster's as "a line of pipe with pumps, valves and control devices for conveying liquids." In my vision, I was seeing a pipeline with [...]

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