Walk in Greater Anointing by Operating in These 7 Spirits of the Lord

Are the seven functions of the one Holy Spirit resting upon you? The seven Spirits or eyes that Zachariah saw on the "Branch" (which is Jesus) are found in Isaiah 11. "And there shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots" (Isa. 11:1). These seven spirits or seven mantles are the seven expressions of the one Holy Spirit in which Jesus operated during His earthly ministry. "The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit [...]

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You Received a Prophetic Word—Now What?

Prophetic words are sought after more than healing or deliverance. We all want to hear from our heavenly Father. We desire to know His plans, purposes and instructions for our lives. We do hear from God. It really is easy. I believe many people don't realize how easy it is. That's why I published Who is Speaking?—Discerning the Source Infiltrating Your Thoughts. However, since we don't realize how easy it is to hear from the Lord, we often seek out prophets for a word from the Lord. But it doesn't stop there. We get one word, and then we want another [...]

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How Jezebel Uses Your Generational Line to Control You

Jezebel and controlling spirits do not only operate through women, but do primarily activate through women. It begins with our mothers and then goes down the generational line. You may not see a woman as having control, but being a deliverance minister and leading many people through individual ministry sessions, I've never found a woman who didn't have control in her. Control can be difficult to identify since it can manifest out of people differently. Not everything is a demonic spirit. People can like to be in control if they feel as if they have lost control, have been controlled, [...]

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4 Ways to Prevent Satanic Attacks

The spiritual realm is real, and the enemy tries to come in and attack several times a day. "The thief does not come, except to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10). Jesus conquered death at the cross, but how can we, as Christians, shut the door to spiritual attacks? Scripture tells us examples that, when evil spirits depart, they can come back in if we don't close the doors to sin in our life and passionately pursue a relationship with Jesus. The Return of [...]

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How Holy Spirit Can Root Out This Sinful Pattern in Your Life

I'm celebrating one year of an A++ on my doctor report and yearly checkup this month, but I could have been receiving a life-long diagnosis. Two years ago, the Lord quickened me to have bloodwork done. I don't see doctor's unless absolutely necessary. I put my faith in Dr. Jesus! Upon getting the results of my bloodwork back, my doctor advised me I was at risk of getting a life-long diagnosis—one I did not want—one that would follow my records and impact my insurance. The Holy Spirit leading me to get bloodwork done was like receiving a get out of [...]

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How You Can Stir Up the Gift of Prophecy in Your Life

I ran from my prophetic calling. I had witnessed the prophetic being distorted so many times I didn't want a part of it. But then the Lord appeared to me in a vision and spoke to me about embracing my calling and bringing balance back into the prophetic. He instructed me how easy releasing the prophetic is when we take the first step of faith. I believe we all want to receive a prophetic word: Prophecy edifies, encourages and exhorts. However, the prophetic is not just about receiving a prophetic word; it is about releasing a prophetic word. Every day [...]

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8 Ways to Obliterate the Effect of Jezebel’s Words

There is power in the words we speak, both positive and negative. The spiritual realm is waiting to act on what is said. "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit" (Prov. 18:21). We've all had people gossip, slander and speak against us. I remember praying one time, and the Lord instructed me to pray against word curses people had spoken over my life. In the spirit, I saw swords coming out of my spine from all the assignments those words put in the spiritual atmosphere around me. Jezebel, [...]

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How Do You Begin Your Prayer or Worship Time?

God doesn't only want to hear our grocery list or prayer list when we go into our secret place or prayer and worship time with Him. God desires us to, "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name, (Ps. 100:4). How do we enter into His gates with thanksgiving? It seems as if we can thank Him for the natural things like food, health and provision, but then we soon find ourselves running out of thankful words and entering into our prayer time or asking for our needs [...]

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Deliverance Minister: Should We Talk to Demons During Deliverance?

Deliverance ministry consists of many makes and models. Ministers have their own patterns, formulas and routines they follow. They have ideas about an order, what they think should be done first, how you should bind and restrict, and whether you should take the strongman out first or last. Deliverance is not a cookie-cutter ministry. After doing thousands of deliverance sessions, I've learned that no two deliverances are the same. What I've also learned is doing biblical deliverance the way Jesus did is most effective. In deliverance sessions and altar ministry, we have witnessed ministers asking a demon, "What is your [...]

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Jezebel Attacks to Silence Your Prophetic Voice

Natural circumstances such as yelling too much at a sports game can put a strain on our vocal cords. Physical sickness such as a cold with a nagging cough can irritate our throat and make it difficult for us to talk. Physical infirmities that cause chronic coughing can wear on our vocal cords, and of course, we can lose our voice when we are attacked with a case of laryngitis. There are natural happenings that can impact our voice, however spiritually there are demonic attacks which can also come against our voice. Jezebel is a master manipulator and operates closely [...]

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Why What Your Body Is Feeling Could Be a Word of Knowledge

We can experience discernment from the spiritual realm through physical body manifestations. Our body can react positively as a sign from the Lord. It can react to a word that is being spoken to us as an affirmation that the word is from the Lord. Physical body manifestations help us to build on our knowledge and experience while our discernment is growing. How can our body react to discernment from the Lord? Think about how you react when someone throws something at you unexpectedly. You react by moving out of the way. Your body reacts to an emotional reaction of [...]

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Jesus is About to Break Satan’s Bondage off Your Mind

I could hear the sound of horse hooves in the spiritual realm, the clip- clop sound of a galloping horse. I could see its legs moving, galloping with a sound as thunder. On the white horse sits Jesus as rider; the Prince of Peace. This vision wasn't referring to His second coming, but to now, what He wants to do in the lives of men. He is coming with a roll of thunder to clear out the minds of man. He has an immediate mission in mind to deliver those whose minds have been locked up. He desires His captives [...]

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I Hear Shackles, Chains Breaking Off Your Life Right Now

On a recent episode of "Greenelines" on the Charisma Podcast Network, prophetic minister Kathy DeGraw told Dr. Steve Greene that the Lord revealed to her that He is preparing to free many believers from the bondages and strongholds that enslave them today. In her prophetic word, DeGraw says God told her: "Right now what I'm feeling for this audience is the fire of God is about to come upon you in a new and a profound way. He says, 'I'm getting ready to burn up the impurities in your life—those soul wounds, those hardships and those hard times.' In the [...]

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I am Reviving Dry Bones

I was in worship and prayer when I heard the Lord say, "I am reviving dry bones." I saw the valley of bones. The bones were scattered around. The Lord continued to say that in the valley, shackles and chains have been broken off; deliverance has been received. You've been in the valley, but the valley has been a time of purification. "I am calling my people to purification. I am calling my people to holiness. I am calling my people to walk in dignity and diligence. I am calling my people to be revived. Your valley experience has not [...]

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