Apostolic Oversight


Apostolic oversight is coming into a common agreement between Apostle Kathy DeGraw and a church leader, pastor, ministry leader or individual.  Apostolic oversight validates the anointing on a person’s life and their desire to enter into ministry and be held accountable for their Christian walk.  It gives the recipient someone to talk to similar to a mentor but on a more experienced level where they can ask questions and receive ministry.

One common question is, “Who ministers to the minister?”  Kathy DeGraw Ministries is passionate about sowing and investing into other ministers and loving on them, encouraging them, and building them up to be even more useful and productive for the Kingdom of God.

Why should you obtain an oversight relationship?

It is biblical to have accountability and structure in your organization and personal walk with the Lord.  Apostolic oversight is entering into a two-sided covenant relationship.

Apostle Kathy DeGraw will provide under oversight agreements:

  • Prayer covering and commitment.
  • Training in the prophetic, inner healing, deliverance, spiritual warfare, prayer, and discipleship.
  • Consistent and regularly scheduled communication via Skype or phone calls.
  • Availability to pastors and ministry leaders at their request.
  • Joint events and training sessions at host church as requested.
  • Administrative support through sharing of resources, knowledge and leadership expertise.
  • Publishing, video, and social media consultation and expertise.
  • Ordination and licensing of leadership involved in covenant oversight upon guidelines established.
  • Provide certificate of oversight and/or ordination suitable for display in place of ministry.

The recipient is also required to enter into agreement with Apostle Kathy and will be given a list of requirements and commitments at the time of oversight.